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Preventing Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is when a creditor legally gets permission to take some portion of your paycheck to pay off a debt that you owe. By law, a creditor must inform you that they intend to take money from your paycheck. They have to file a lawsuit in order to get a judgment against the debtor. If they do obtain the judgment, then your money can be deducted from your paycheck in as little as fifteen (15) days If you are facing this possibility or your wages are being garnished, immediately call or email us for a free consultation. This will continue until the debt is paid off or until you take action to stop the garnishment, such as filing for bankruptcy.

As soon as you receive a notice that a creditor is attempting to garnish your wages, you need to call an experienced bankruptcy law firm such as Stamps and Stamps, Attorneys at Law. to learn about your rights, your options and how to prevent wage garnishment from happening.

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Seek the Guidance of an Experienced Debt Relief Lawyer

Attorney Eric Stamps can help you understand your rights and your responsibilities related to any unsecured or secured debt that you owe. He has handled thousands of bankruptcy matters for clients in the Dayton and surrounding areas since 1991. Eric Stamps began assisting people with their financial matters while working for his father in 1991. Eric Stamps became a lawyer in 1999 and has continued to assist people, like you, to improve their financial futures.

When Bankruptcy Is the Right Solution

Sometimes, a simple phone call explaining your situation to a creditor can resolve a debt matter while avoiding garnishment. Other times your debt is too large and there is no way to repay it all. In these situations, filing for bankruptcy protects you and your family from the financial devastations wage garnishments causes. Bankruptcy installs an automatic stay that stops creditors from taking actions to collect on their debt.

Once Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy has been filed, all wage garnishment must end. Once you retain Stamps and Stamps, Attorneys at Law, we will contact your employer immediately after you file for bankruptcy rather than wait until the courts get in touch with the employer to direct them to stop the wage garnishment. We understand that you need that paycheck.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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