Stop Auto Repossession

In today’s struggling economy, major auto manufacturers are not the only ones who find themselves in trouble financially. Many people who have purchased those automakers’ cars are experiencing financial difficulties.

Learn Your Rights, Options and Responsibilities

People lose jobs. They go through a costly divorce. They get sick. These unfortunate events are part of life. Just because you are in financial trouble does not mean that you must suffer even more by giving up your car and living under a crushing burden of debt; nor should you suffer any longer than you have to.

If you have fallen behind in your car payments, it is important that you speak to an experienced and trustworthy lawyer immediately to learn of your legal options and to obtain guidance to assist you in finding a path out of debt. You need to speak to an attorney at Stamps and Stamps, Attorneys at Law.

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Act Swiftly to Stay in Control

Most people have an auto loan contract that has small print that details the company’s right to reclaim their car if you miss even one payment. If you do miss a payment, call the loan company. Generally, people are very reasonable about these kinds of things and are willing to work out a payment plan for the month that you fell behind. On the other hand, if you do nothing, there is a high likelihood that your car will be repossessed. Our attorneys will help you understand your rights and how to keep your car, if possible.

Will I Be Responsible for the Remainder of My Car Loan if the Car Is Repossessed?

In a bankruptcy, there is no way that you will be responsible for the remaining balance on the loan if your vehicle is repossessed. However, if you wish to keep your vehicle, then you will be required to pay your auto loan and make regular payments. In a Chapter 13, many times your vehicle payment is reduced.

If My Vehicle Has Been Repossessed, Am I Able to Get it Back?

The Chapter 13 plan allows for a repossessed vehicle to be obtained from the creditor and paid for during the plan. Often at a lower amount than what is owed and usually at a reduced interest rate.

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