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Can I Handle A Probate Case Without An Attorney?

Very few people are successful at handling probate without an attorney, but those who have become knowledgeable through asking questions, reading books, and researching online may be able to navigate the process. However, many people will quickly discover that the process is not as simple as they may have initially thought.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Probate Matters?

Our firm is set apart from the rest in that we truly care for our clients; we realize they are real people in real situations, and that any one of them could just as easily be a family member of ours. Years ago when my father died, the probate lawyer I dealt with was very impersonal, and I could tell that my father was just another number to him. This attorney also had me handle almost every aspect of the process, while he did next to nothing. Up until that point, I’d never considered becoming a probate lawyer, but once I’d gone through the experience myself, I realized I could really help people through what I knew to be a very difficult time.

When dealing with a recent death, people are emotional, sensitive, and more easily taken advantage of because they simply aren’t able to think clearly. When those people come into this firm, I look at them as my sister, my brother, my dad, or my aunt, and I go through it with them. I have worked with certain clients for years, and although we weren’t friends in the traditional sense of going out to dinner, we were nonetheless friends, and I have missed them since they’ve passed. It’s hard to articulate the emotion I feel when knowing I will never again receive a phone call from them.

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