Criminal Defense

Dayton, Ohio Criminal Defense Attorneys

A criminal conviction can affect everything from your ability to find a job, to your freedom to own a gun. Before you plead guilty to any criminal offense, you should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney to find out what the long-term consequences of a criminal conviction would be.

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Our criminal defense lawyers represent individuals charged with all misdemeanor and felony offenses in Ohio, including:

We represent clients in all state and federal courts and also handle criminal appeals.

Our Proven Experience and Success in Criminal Law

Firm founder Dana Stamps is a former Ohio prosecutor. As a result of this experience, he understands how to find the weaknesses of the prosecution's case and defend your rights aggressively. Our firm's successes include:

  • Avoiding jail time
  • Obtaining dismissals or reduced charges
  • Many felony and misdemeanor wins
  • Success in most domestic violence cases
  • Getting evidence suppressed from the record in a high percentage of cases
  • Winning a case in which two fingerprint experts testified that our client was at the scene.
  • Impeaching the testimony of police officers by proving, through photographic evidence our attorneys took at the scene, that the officers could not have seen what they claimed to see.
  • Winning an award in 2001 for appointed counsel for Montgomery County Courts.

Beat the Evidence; Protect Your Rights

We have enjoyed considerable success getting evidence suppressed from the record. If the evidence was collected illegally, such as without a search warrant or through a coerced confession, it cannot be used against you. We demonstrate deceptive practices or abuses by police officers and submit motions to suppress evidence.

Without evidence to prove their case, prosecutors are often forced to dismiss charges or offer favorable plea bargains. In drug cases, winning a motion to suppress evidence can mean the difference between going to jail and leaving the courthouse with your lawyer.

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