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What Do I Have To Do Before Filing For Bankruptcy?

The first thing you have to do is to set up an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney at our office. The attorney will go through with you all the documents that need to be obtained, go through the process with you, and explain the credit counseling that will need to be taken prior to filing.

Should I Sell Things Before Filing For Bankruptcy?

If there are things that you want to sell before filing bankruptcy, you would want to discuss those with your attorney at the initial consultation. Some things that are sold prior to the bankruptcy could be a fraudulent transfer. The trustee would then be required to go after you and/or the person who bought the property in order to get it back, sell it, and distribute it to the creditors.

Can I Load Up On Debt Just Before A Bankruptcy?

Taking on excessive debt just before a bankruptcy is considered fraud and you would, at minimum have to pay that debt back. You could be facing jail time and a large fine if it turns out that you did it on purpose to defraud the creditors.

Should I Pay Back Any Family Or Friends I Owe Before Bankruptcy?

The Bankruptcy code specifically prohibits any payments to friends or relatives totaling more than $600.00 made within a year of the bankruptcy filing. It’s considered a preferential payment, meaning you chose to pay them instead of paying other creditors. The trustee would have to go after your friends or family to get the money back.

When Must I Complete The Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Course? If I Don’t Get It Done Right Away, Will It Hold Up My Bankruptcy Case?

The pre-bankruptcy credit counseling course is mandatory to be eligible to file. The certificate is good for 180 days from the time you take it. As long as you know you are going to file a bankruptcy within 180 days, you should take it immediately so that it will not hold up the bankruptcy filing. Therefore, if you are wanting to file and haven’t taken it, we would have to hold up the filing until we get confirmation that it was taken.

How Long After Filing For Bankruptcy Will Creditors Stop Calling Me?

Most creditors will stop calling within three days after you file for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court will be mailing them a notice, and mail is usually received within three days.

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