Injuries Caused By Metal Hip Replacements

Going through a hip replacement is not a simple procedure. The surgery often comes with a painful recovery period, but people go through for the prospect of increased mobility and a happier, more comfortable life free from chronic pain.

Unfortunately, some hip replacement devices are causing people a great deal of suffering, requiring a second, expensive surgical procedure and more rehabilitation. In Dayton, Ohio, our lawyers at Stamps & Stamps represent the victims of these metal-on-metal hip replacements, helping them pursue the compensation they deserve for this unnecessary pain and suffering.

Holding Manufacturers Accountable For Their Negligence

The medical device manufacturer DePuy has been facing thousands of lawsuits over the last few years for its metal-on-metal hip replacement devices. These lawsuits accuse the company of being negligent in failing to warn of complications and concealing potential risks.

If you have gone through total hip replacement or hip resurfacing, you could potentially face the effects of metallosis, a condition caused by debris that comes from metallic parts rubbing against each other. This can lead to side effects like:

  • Joint pain
  • Loss of bone strength around the hip replacement device
  • Death of tissue surrounding the replacement
  • The loosening of the device
  • Infection

There are a host of other, much more serious risks stemming from a defective hip device, which is why working with your doctor and your attorney to take action is important. Our personal injury lawyers know how to help you take action and build a strong claim that contains all of the right evidence.

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