Filing For Divorce In Ohio

Going through a divorce is never easy. There are endless decisions you have to make about your case, all of which will have a large effect on you and your children's future. Keeping your interests intact is a complex task.

At Stamps & Stamps, the father-and-son team of attorneys Dana and Eric Stamps represent clients throughout the Dayton, Ohio, area going through a divorce. They put their more than 50 years of legal experience to use to protect your rights and interests while limiting stress.

Attorneys Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

In almost any divorce, it is better if couples can come together and work on an amicable settlement that both can live with. Throughout our lawyers' careers, however, they know when that is simply not possible for some couples. Our attorneys will be ready to assert your rights when necessary and fight for you in court. That includes:

  • Dividing your property in a fair and equitable manner and help you hold on to your most-valued assets
  • Establishing a child custody arrangement that keeps the child's best interests as the top priority while protecting your parental rights
  • Determining a fair amount of child support obligations that you will pay or receive to provide for your child's well-being

Even if you and your spouse can agree on most issues, it is important to have your attorney review the agreement. While it may look good now, you could be setting yourself up for future financial harm or giving away your parental rights. While a dissolution of marriage may work for some couples, we will look at your unique situation and help you determine when it may be best to fight.

Contact Stamps & Stamps Before Filing For Divorce

Our Dayton divorce attorneys have handled all types of contested divorce disputes, and they can help you find solutions that work for you. To schedule a free consultation and discuss your options before you file, contact us online or call 937-410-0378 or 888-435-0085. We serve clients throughout Montgomery County, including in Miamisburg and Beavercreek.