Modifying The Terms Of Your Divorce

When couples divorce, the terms of the final divorce order are not necessarily final. If you have young children, are going back to work, moving out of state or expecting any other big change in your life, it may be possible to modify your divorce order.

Achieving a modification is not an easy task. Experienced legal representation is required to help you present the proper evidence that courts look for. In Dayton, Ohio, our lawyers at Stamps & Stamps have helped divorced clients throughout Montgomery County modify or contest modifications to better fit their changing circumstances.

Modifying Your Child Custody Arrangement

When parents divorce and their children are under 18, a whole range of changes can take place over the years that may make it necessary to revisit the custody arrangement. Some common reasons to modify child custody include:

  • Parental relocation that would affect the custody arrangement
  • The child is living in a house where abuse is occurring
  • A parent is remarrying, and his or her new spouse poses a danger to the child
  • Alcohol or drug abuse takes place in the home
  • The child is old enough to make his or her wishes known about where to live

Modifying Child Support Or Spousal Support Payments

It is possible to also modify financial obligations related to a divorce like child and spousal support. Our attorneys can help you evaluate the changes in circumstances and help you find the best way to proceed with seeking or contesting a post-divorce modification. Some common grounds for a change in child support or spousal support include:

  • A substantial raise or job loss
  • An ex-spouse going back to work and earning an income
  • A costly medical emergency or illness
  • Enrolling the child in a new school

Get More Than 50 Years Of Legal Experience On Your Side

Our lawyers have helped divorcing families with all types of disputes. Dana and Eric Stamps will closely examine your family's situation and help you find a way forward that addresses your unique needs.

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