Sex Crimes

Aggressive Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers in Dayton, Ohio

Of almost all criminal offenses, sex crime charges have perhaps the greatest potential to destroy your future, your reputation, your relationships and all other aspects of your life. Whether or not the allegations are true, an experienced defense lawyer can help with your defense strategy and limit any damage related to media exposure.

Our sex crimes defense attorneys at Stamps & Stamps have extensive experience handling these sensitive cases. They know what is at stake and they know how to best serve clients. Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Confidential, Respectful, Relentless Sex Crimes Defense

At Stamps & Stamps, we understand how you might feel as if everyone is judging you. However, you can trust that you will not receive this type of treatment at our firm. We provide each client with confidential, respectful legal advice and representation, regardless of the allegations or facts of the case. We know there are two sides to every story and we are here to listen to yours.

We provide a relentless defense to clients facing all types of sex crime charges, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape and date rape
  • Statutory rape and child molestation
  • Possession, distribution, or production of child pornography
  • Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Solicitation or prostitution
  • Lewd or lascivious conduct

Free Initial Consultation: If you have been arrested for a sex offense in Dayton, or anywhere else in Ohio, contact our sex crimes defense lawyers at Stamps & Stamps for a free initial consultation.