Fighting Drug Possession And Trafficking Charges

While some states have taken steps to relax many of their drug laws, here in Ohio a drug charge can still irreparably harm your future. Spending years in prison, paying thousands of dollars in fines are at stake. You could also face driver's license suspension, the loss of your professional license and face severe asset forfeiture penalties.

At Stamps & Stamps in Dayton, our criminal defense attorneys are well-versed in the state's drug possession and drug trafficking laws and how to fight them. With 50 years of legal experience serving Montgomery County, Dana and Eric Stamps know how to protect your freedom and legal rights.

Aggressive Defense Lawyers On Your Side

In Ohio, drug trafficking is defined as selling or packaging for delivery any illegal narcotic or prescription drug. Prosecutors also have wide discretion with how they charge drug offenses. That means if you were caught with marijuana that was only intended for personal use, you could be charged with possession with intent to distribute.

By providing personal representation to every client, we are able to get a full understanding of the details of your arrest and how to find weaknesses. We will fight hard to hold the prosecution to its burden of proving guilty, and will pursue every avenue to have charges reduced or dismissed.

Even possession of a small amount here in Ohio is a misdemeanor, which could mean spending time in jail and having a criminal record. Whether your charges are related to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs or methamphetamine, we can help.

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