Domestic Violence & Civil Protection Orders (CPO)

Dayton Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

Domestic abuse allegations are extremely serious. They can impact relations within your family, affect child custody, and result in a restraining order that removes you from your home. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can protect your interests and your future from the very onset of a domestic violence case or issuance of a CPO (civil protection order).

If you have been arrested for domestic violence or a temporary order of protection has been issued against you, contact the criminal defense lawyers at Stamps & Stamps. Our law firm is committed to protecting the rights of clients in Dayton, and the surrounding Ohio communities.

Civil protection orders are issued in response to physical abuse or threats of physical abuse against spouses/former spouses, girlfriend/boyfriends, children, relatives, parents or other individuals living in the household. This abuse could involve:

  • Assault
  • Spousal abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Spousal rape
  • Other domestic abuse

If you have been arrested following allegations of abuse or assault, our experienced criminal defense lawyers will immediately begin preparing your defense strategy. We will examine the motives of the person making the accusations - is there a history of making false accusations; is there a history of emotional or mental instability; is there a child custody dispute in progress? Many of these issues need to be thoroughly investigated. With the experience of a former prosecutor on your side, you can trust that we know how to handle these issues effectively.

Free Initial Consultations: We offer a free initial consultation where you can discuss your situation with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer. Contact our Dayton firm for a relentless defense against domestic violence charges.