Helping Commercial Truck Drivers Facing OVI Charges

As a commercial truck driver, your commercial driver's license (CDL) determines whether you get to work. Losing your CDL means not being able to earn an income and having to worry about what you will do to make ends meet.

In Ohio, a conviction for operating a vehicle while under the influence (OVI) could jeopardize your CDL. Obtaining experienced criminal defense representation is an absolute necessity. At Stamps & Stamps in Dayton, our attorneys know what is at stake for truck drivers facing drunk driving charges. We will fight to protect your rights and your career.

Even A First Offense Could Threaten Your Career

In Ohio, an OVI charge for a CDL driver occurs when your blood alcohol concentration is .08 or higher, just like regular drivers. For your first offense, a conviction could mean the loss of your CDL for a year. A second offense could mean losing it permanently.

Even a yearlong commercial driver's license suspension and a criminal record could be enough to prevent you from ever driving a commercial truck again. Do not wait until a second offense to get help from an attorney.

While we are located in the Dayton area, we do not just serve Montgomery County drivers. Interstates 75 and 70 contain a great deal of out-of-state truck traffic passing through the area. If you are from outside of Ohio and you are arrested in the area, we can help you navigate the local justice system to give you the best chance of getting back on the road.

Do Not Take These Charges Lightly. Call Stamps & Stamps Today.

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