Preventing Utility Shut-Off

Filing for Bankruptcy Can Keep the Lights On

If you are behind on your utility bills, the protection of bankruptcy can prevent utility companies from shutting off your power and water. Bankruptcy may also discharge your unpaid, due utility bills and other debts to give you a clean start with your finances.

The law firm of Stamps & Stamps, Attorneys at Law, can step in to prevent the hardships and indignity of utility shut-off. Even if your utilities have already been cut, our experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help get service restored.

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Preventing Utility Shut-Off and Discharging Past Due Utility Bills

If your utility providers (private company or public utility) are threatening to shut off your services because you haven't paid your bills for months, bankruptcy will let you retain service and let you eliminate debts or catch up over time.

When you file for bankruptcy:

  • Utility providers cannot shut off your service. This includes electricity, water and gas, as well as phone and cable TV utilities.
  • The utilities cannot refuse new service in the future.
  • Past due utility bills are considered unsecured debt, the same as credit card debt or medical bills, and they can be discharged in bankruptcy.

The utility can require a reasonable deposit, such as one month's supply or a similar amount, to keep your power or water on or to restore service that has been shut off.

Dayton Past Due Utility Bills Attorneys

Bankruptcy is not always the solution, but if you can't pay your basic utility bills you likely have a bigger debt problem. Bankruptcy will not only keep your utilities on; it can also stop foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment and other collection actions.

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