Bankruptcy Is Good For Your Health, Literally

A study by Citizens Advice as reported by Citizens Advice Bureau in December of 2012, found that 3 out of 4 surveyed stated that debt is harming their health. Additionally, over half said that debt is affecting their relationships. What makes matters worse is that over half with problems had experienced a panic or anxiety attack and almost 4 out of 5 were experiencing loss of sleep on a regular basis. Many turned to drinking, eating, or smoking because of their concerns with debt. Of those surveyed, almost 2 out of 5 were taking no action to deal with their debt. Bankruptcy is the remedy for all these ailments and puts you on the path out of debt.

There are two types of bankruptcy for the typical consumer. A Chapter 7, which is often times referred to as a fresh start bankruptcy, allows the consumer to eliminate most debts without being required to pay any money back. Additionally, in most cases the debtor(s) don't lose any of their assets. The other is Chapter 13, which allows the consumer to reorganize their debt in the most protected way possible. The Chapter 13 allows for payment on unsecured debt such as credit card and medical bills without interest and usually allows for payments of pennies on the dollar. Additionally, Chapter 13 also allows, in many cases, the removal of second and subsequent mortgages, lines of credit, or other liens. Both types of bankruptcy stop creditor harassment, stop garnishments, stop foreclosures, stop repossessions, and stop all actions by creditors.

If you are in debt, it is important that you take the necessary steps to get your financial, physical, and mental health back on track. The best way to accomplish that is through bankruptcy protection. If you want to eliminate your sleepless nights, reduce your stress, and improve your relationships and health, contact Stamps & Stamps, Attorneys at Law, today for your free consultation to explain your rights and how we can help you eliminate your debt and keep your assets. Contact us today at (937) 898-9440 or via e-mail.